30 Marijuana Stocks to Buy as the Future Turns Green

When it comes to cannabis, we’ve come a long way since former President Bill Clinton denied ever inhaling. With the previous presidential administration’s frankness on the matter, marijuana has become more blasé. Naturally, marijuana stocks have also increased in popularity, where we have more choices today than was previously thought possible.

Of course, cannabis raises all kinds of images, and usually not positive ones. However, since legalized marijuana entered the mainstream consciousness, “green” companies offer a wide variety of services. For instance, some of the top marijuana stocks are levered toward medical cannabis. Recently, several companies have advantaged the vaporizer craze, offering a digital means to enjoy weed.

The obvious risk to this industry, though, is the legal basis. Despite a record number of states adopting legalization measures, the federal government still considers marijuana a Schedule I drug. Technically, the feds could crack down on the industry, and by logical deduction, the growing list of marijuana companies. That said, investors will likely only have to worry about market risk.

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First, putting a top on the industry will derail job growth. With President Donald Trump having few political allies, he desperately needs his economic cred. Doing anything to harm employment (no matter the source) is not part of that strategy. Second, American public sentiment dramatically favors legalization. As of October 2017, 64% of Americans believe weed should be legalized, as opposed to 34%. This is an exact public-opinion reversal from 14 years prior.

In other words, the future for the massive list of marijuana stocks is bright, and will only get brighter. Here are the top 30 sector picks:

#1 Top 30 List of Marijuana Stocks: AmeriCann Inc (ACAN)

Critics can’t deny it — the marijuana industry is booming. Currently, 30 statesallow cannabis for medicinal purposes, while nine permit recreational use. Only four states are completely draconian. As a result, numerous entrepreneurs have raced into this sector hoping to strike it rich.

But where does one get advice on an unprecedented industry? That’s where AmeriCann Inc (OTCMKTS:ACAN) comes in. Primarily a real estate and facilities services company, AmeriCann offers logistical and administrative support for “weedpreneurs.” In addition, ACAN has a licensing procurement division that specializes in winning lucrative cannabis licenses for their clients.

Like many top marijuana stocks, ACAN experienced volatility under the Trump administration. However, with key members backing away from their initial “law and order” stance, AmeriCann has demonstrated nearer-term momentum. Since the beginning of April, ACAN jumped over 61%.

Look for AmeriCann to continue delivering the goods as the industry grows.

#2 Top 30 List of Marijuana Stocks: Aurora Cannabis Inc (ACBFF)

America isn’t the only country that has made cannabis great again. Our friendly neighbor to the north has also dived into the botanical sector, as Canadian firm Aurora Cannabis Inc (OTCMKTS:ACBFF) proves.

Focusing on the industry’s medicinal side, Aurora specializes in delivering medical-grade cannabis products at affordable prices. True to their corporate ethos, Aurora offers flat-rate “compassionate” pricing, along with free shipping within Canada. Just as importantly, the company has a vast network of pro-cannabis medical doctors that patients can contact.

Similar to the long list of marijuana stocks, ACBFF got off to a rocky start in 2018. Year-to-date, shares are down nearly 28%. That’s the bad news. The good news is that since early April, ACBFF has stabilized.

Could this be the calm before the breakout storm? Given the overall enthusiasm toward this sector, don’t count out ACBFF.

#3 Top 30 List of Marijuana Stocks: American Cannabis Company Inc (AMMJ)

Starting a cannabis-related business can be a daunting task, particularly because few blueprints exist. American Cannabis Company Inc (OTCMKTS:AMMJ) makes this journey much more manageable. A consulting firm, American Cannabis is essentially an all-in-one shop for the budding entrepreneur.

Need help with license application and establishing your market? How about setting up a cultivation plant? American Cannabis levers multiple years of experience helping marijuana companies grow from the ground up. In addition to the setup phase, AMMJ offers branding and marketing services, as well as staffing solutions.

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