Societe Generale

How do you create innovation? Create a mash-up of Shark Tank, America’s Got Talent and an Incubator Lab

Simon Letort – Chief Digital Officer & Head of Innovation, SG Americas

To accelerate innovation, you need a vision. To accelerate innovation within a bank, you need an innovative approach, a plan, a group of driven disruptors who are fans of Shark Tank, and an executive team that is ready to pay for great ideas to flourish.

To forge new ground, firms need to come up with their own innovative approach that not only incentivizes staff to come up with ideas, but changes the mindset of those in the organization.

This is not easy for a global institution like Societe Generale, which has almost 150,000 employees worldwide and 3,000 in the Americas. But we are not alone. Many global companies are faced with the same question: How do we encourage and leverage the immense talent of our employees to foster disruptive and winning ideas that benefit our customers and our company?

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